History of Rags

In the 1800s and early 1900s this area would have been full of activity when the herring boats came in with their catches to be auctioned.

The Lawrence Complex on the harbour side was later built on the site of the workshops of no. 21 Air Sea Rescue Unit.

The R.A.F. continued to use these workshops for Air Sea Rescue craft until 1978 when they were superceded by helicopters.

In 1932 T.E.Shaw arrived here from Plymouth as part of the crew of an ST 357 classification sea plane tender. T.E.Shaw was the name taken by Lawrence of Arabia in order not to be recognised. His job was to train the crews of the armoured target boats of RAF 1104 Marine Craft Unit and he drove the first boat until the crews were properly trained to take over.

Target boats were 38 feet long and consisted of two speed boats threequarters covered in armour plate, lined with expanded rubber to make them unsinkable.